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Point of Sale - Point of Sale provides fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation. It also gives you a full complement of management controls and reports to help you operate your business profitably and securely. Point of Sale works well in a variety of retail, wholesale, mail-order, and ecommerce environments.

You can mix sales, returns, orders, special order, backorders and layaways on the same ticket. Associate image, audio, or video files with each item and/or customer, and CounterPoint can automatically display the image. You can choose either Regular or Touchscreen. Click to watch 30 second sample:

standard ticket entry touch screen Search
Standard Ticket Entry Touch Screen Ticket Entry Powerful Search

Holds and Quotes
A ticket or order can be placed on hold indefinitely and then later recalled for editing or completion.
Customer quotes can be printed and retained indefinitely and can be reviewed, edited, and copied
prior to completing the sale. Holds and quotes do not commit inventory.

Orders, Backorders, Special Ordersand, and Layaways
In ticket entry, you can mix sales, returns, orders, backorders, special orders, and layaways on the same ticket.
An order can be quoted, held, and recalled - just like a sales ticket. Plus, you can edit the order, accept a deposit, release the entire order or just specific lines, print a picking ticket, cancel an order, and reinstate a cancelled order. You can view an order’s history, including the original order, each time it was edited, each partial release, and the completed order.

A complete layaway processing system allows you to add new layaways, record deposits, view the status and history, and release completed layaways.

You can define minimum deposit amounts based on a dollar amount or a percentage of the order,
backorder, special order, or layaway. For example, the minimum deposit amount can be $5 for an order, 20% for a backorder, 50% for a special order, and $10 for a layaway. Multiple payment types can be accepted for each deposit. For example, you can accept a $30 deposit with $10 cash and $20 credit card charge.

Optionally calculate sales commissions for each item on the sales ticket based on either the sale amount or the gross profit. Commissions are tracked by ticket and are reported in detail or in summary on the Commissions Due report.

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