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Multi-Site is an integral part of any business that has more than one store. Multi-Site enables a
CounterPoint Hub (the main office) and one or more Remotes (other stores) to operate independently during the day and periodically exchange information. Each site may “subscribe” to a user-defined set of data (a “work set”) so that it receives just the inventory, store, and customer information that it needs. Information is exchanged (replicated) through a dialup, WAN, or Internet connection. Replication can be scheduled to take place periodically during the day or as an overnight process.

CounterPoint Built for Multiple Locations/Stores:
CounterPoint SQL at its core tracks inventory by location.
You can process inventory transfers using Transfers or Quick transfers.
You can see and optionally sell inventory from other locations.
Management Reports can be run by Store or Company wide.
All sales, physical counts, purchasing and accounting data can be tracked by location.
Each store can be configured to operate differently to suit the locations needs.

Multi-Site operation of multiple stores offers many benefits, including:
Independent operations across multiple sites.
Automatic, unattended, remote-site updating.
Cost-effective exchange of information across multiple sites.
Multi-location data integrity.
Data remains synchronized across multiple sites.

CounterPoint SQL also supports Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix. In operation the major difference is with Multi-Site data is exchanged on a schedule where Terminal Services data is updated instantly.

Offline Ticket Entry
The Offline Ticket Entry Option provides lane redundancy and ensures fault tolerance so clerks can continue to ring up sales if the connection to the CounterPoint server is lost. Offline Ticket Entry is useful during network outages, sidewalk sales, scheduled server maintenance, or for any situation in which the server is unavailable. Offline mode may be used as the normal mode of operation for “sometimes-connected” workstations such as portable workstations or kiosks.

Offline Mode
In offline mode, clerks ring up sales in the normal manner, but the tickets are saved to a local database instead of the main CounterPoint server’s database. When the server becomes available, the workstation database is synchronized with the server, and the offline tickets become part of the server’s database. In offline mode, you can:
Open and close cash drawers
Enter sales and returns, orders, layaways, holds, quotes, pay-ins/outs, and pay-on-accounts
Authorize credit card (EDC) transactions
Add new customers on-the-fly

Sell anywhere... and imagine being able to break away from the counter. Sell your products anywhere; around your store, out on the streets, at an event, or anywhere your customers are. This is freedom in the palm of your hand. Freedom powered by CPMobile and using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
Connectivity flexibility (Wi-Fi and/or Phone data network)
POS integration for immediate sales and inventory updates
Secure, fast payment processing
Mobile receipt printing option or e-mail
High-quality hardware for quick barcode scanning and credit card swipel

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