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Customer tracking is an integral part of CounterPoint. CounterPoint retains complete
details of every customer, including detailed sales history. The Receivables Option adds charge sales, receivables tracking, account aging, cash receipts processing, and statement printing to CounterPoint. Receivables processing is more fully described under Receivables Option

Customer Information
A customer may be set up using the standard maintenance function, or on-the-fly in Point of Sale.

Cust ZoomBasic customer information includes name, address, email, two contact names, fax numbers, and phone numbers. A customer may be assigned to a specific user-defined category to group similar customers for reporting and analysis. Customer numbers may be manually entered or automatically assigned. When a new customer is added, much of the basic information may be copied from another customer to help reduce errors and speed up the entry process, or a template customer may be defined.

Customers can be selected by entering the customer’s number, scanning a customer ID card or loyalty card, or by searching for keywords that match any portion of the customer’s name, telephone number, etc. For a charge sale, CounterPoint checks the customer’s credit limit, and only an authorized user may override credit limits. Easily remove inactive customers from CounterPoint. Inactive customers are those that have no open orders or layaways, no open balances, no unposted balances, and no sales activity after the specified cutoff date.

Loyalty Programs
CounterPoint allows you to reward loyal customers with points that can be redeemed for future purchases or special incentives. Customers can earn points for all items they purchase or just for certain items. The number of points can vary based on the item number, category, vendor, etc. as well as the sales information (date, store, day of the week, time of day, etc.). You can enter loyalty point adjustments to grant or reduce points, and you can print reports and mailing labels based on point accumulation.

Customer Profiles
Customer profiles allow you to build a valuable database of information to assist in analyzing and marketing to your customers. Up to 20 user-defined profile fields may be tracked for each customer, such as birthday, preferences, membership status, etc.

Each user-defined profile field is set up to only allow certain types of information. For example, “birthday” would only allow valid date entries, “shoe size” would only allow numeric entries between a specified range of values, etc. In addition, you may set up user-defined profile codes to ensure that (for example) “membership status” is selected from a list of valid user-defined values (e.g., Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

Shipping Information
Each customer may have an unlimited number of shipping addresses, and the default ship-to address can be different from the primary address. Each shipping address may have its own tax code, preferred shipping method, and specific ship-to notes that can be printed on invoices.

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